Messy Virgo


In western astrology, when someone says ‘Virgo’ (or strong Virgo energies/persona), people would usually think of a neat, organized person whom was polite and service oriented.

The flip side to this is when Virgo types are stressed and unhappy.

From personal experience, I was a messy Virgo (ascendant). Cleaning the closet as a kid meant making a mess in the room before everything was somewhat tidy again.

I know of Virgo-ish relatives who have messy rooms or orderly in one aspect but not others.

One has a room that is a fire hazard. The path to the bed and door is a rough translation of what walking through a wild prairie of clothes and paper goods (books, magazines, etc.) would be like.

Another one has a mostly neat room with tall stacks of magazines lined up against the wall in case he needed reference material from their articles.

I stopped being a messy Virgo when I started to share an apartment with a roomie who had a rambunctious dog (part Jack Russell, part Aussie shepherd?). She specified that the dog was her responsibility. This was back in the 90’s.

The Leo roomie had a day job and a night job to pay down her credit card debt. The dog was in her room the majority of the time. She learned to keep him caged when he started destroying her things between jobs (chewing shoes, eating pantyhose. I found out much later that he scratched away the thin carpet and part of the wood by her room door trying to get out). She worked in short walking distance (maybe one eighth of a mile or less) so she would stop by to give him his walks and food before going back to work or going to the next job.

Anyways, the dog was understandably full of pent up energy and would not listen to his human mom. He liked to barge into my room when the door was ajar, get into things and run around before I had to chase/shoo him out. It was not cute (he was much calmer after the roomie and her fiance got a little house with a yard where the dog would happily tire himself out).

To sum it up, if I wasn’t at the apartment, the door would be semi closed to at least let some light into the narrow hallway. I learned to get really neat and tidy, putting things away. I could always tell, though, if my room had unexpected visits.

My wisdom earned: if you don’t want something dirtied or messed up, put it somewhere safe.

Organization comes naturally to a healthy Virgo type.