(Tokyo) Tea for two


A little story from the land of WTF???

May your St. Patrick’s day be full of celebrating…just not to the extent of what the tale below holds. 

Ingredients: a guy, a gal, a celebration and a cocktail.

There was a nearly thirty guy and a nearly thirty girl who decided to give flirting with each other a whirl.

They both had some tasty green concoction, a whole single serving at least twice over each. It was mixed with midori liquor, and it had plenty of kick in this pretty cocktail blitz.

The girl’s new, long divorced, almost-boyfriend was on a trip out of state; a little business and a little hello to his teen girl children who lived with the ex down south.

The boy’s ex and he still lived in the same space, but the ex was in process of going solo to a new place.

Now flirty girl knew flirty boy’s ex. They were pals and they chatted and text. Girl talk. Communicating, commiserating, about emotions and pain.

Both girls had been through this suffering time and again; the hopes and future wishes for something long broken to not be broken.

The flirting pair paused long enough to go meet up separately, somewhere else for more alcohol and flirting.

The banquet room they were in was soon to be closing. A mutual friends’ union they were all celebrating.

This is one more WTF short story that needs not be front page news; the current rancid flavor for more peoples’ tongues.

It’s just another real life soap opera story about gutless wonders and dubious glory, and a parable of needy, greedy, attention seeking people whose exs and absent sweeties are eventually going to learn the truth about what to keep and what to burn.