Message Machine: *beep*


May your April Fools’ Day be light hearted and of mutual mirth.

A story from before cell phones were everywhere and before ‘stalker’ was a commonly known term…

The young woman returned to an empty apartment she shared with a room mate/acquaintance. Their land line phone number was private, unlisted. A red light was blinking on the answering machine, indicating messages were waiting to be heard.

Her roomie was away in New York for a week or so, with her soon to be mother-in-law and sister-in-law, looking for a ring for her soon to be husband. It was the mother-in-law’s idea to browse the jewelry district there. They took a plane out (these are all middle class income people, BTW. One is working off debt).

The young woman played the message. On it is an unfamiliar male voice introducing himself, stating he would like to get to know her.

::shock/confusion:: How did you get this number? It’s unlisted! I told roomie to tell her fiance I wasn’t interested in his friend. Did roomie know what was going on? ::disbelief/revulsion/feeling unsafe::

There was no way she was going to answer the phone or return the call. They would have to go through the machine first. And interesting that the calls were timed when roomie was gone.

There were other messages. He called a few more times within the next couple of days, sounding gradually more annoyed. There were phone hang ups on the message machine too.

Her focus at the time they ‘met’ was on moving into the apartment; they moved the heavy items. After the furniture was in place, the boyfriend and his friend left. There was no conversation at all between them nor any body language indicating romantic interest.

On a grocery shopping much later (weeks?) after the move in, it was roomie that brought up the subject of her boyfriend’s friend liking the young woman. She was not interested. Roomie said she would let her boyfriend know to pass the message on.

Many months after that, roomie and her boyfriend got engaged.

The young woman left the messages on the machine. 

The young woman found her roomie was home from the New York wedding ring shopping trip. She herself had just returned from a short, day visit to her parents’ house. On asking if the roomie heard the messages, the roomie said she did, but only seemed mildly annoyed that it happened. Roomie didn’t say too much about the messages after. Her fiance had given the private number away.

Roomie and her fiance did get married.

There was a brief evacuation of the reception room due to a maintenance problem. Then it drizzled outside as the guests huddled and waited to be let back in.

The young woman was approached by the groom’s friend.

She set things straight with the groom’s friend, with slight assist from one of the bridesmaids and left the wedding reception soon after.

Maybe it was a serendipity that their apartment lease had not been renewed prior to the wedding. Two years was enough.