The son had a college degree

A master’s, I believe…

Child psychology was the specialty

He got along with kids pretty well

And helped out with kids assigned to him

that had backgrounds dysfunctional

On a weekend day

Of course this was in the nineties

Before government funding was cut.

Nine to five was daily office work for the graduate

his matched kid and he bonded like older and younger siblings.

The only thing the graduate’s father had to say

To his son, helping out other’s sons was 

“The time you spend with the kids

Instead should be used for hunting for a girlfriend, a future wife.

I want to play with grandchildren before I’m too old to enjoy them”.

The son had heard this line before

Way too many times

It wasn’t going to happen at father’s command though

Grandpa wannabe either didn’t care or conveniently forgot

The dysfunction and conscience malfunctions

he raised his own “useless” children with.