She was tall, about five foot ten

Just so you know, that’s a good height for a model.

Something she has on her want to be list

The closest she got were some professional boudoir shots

of her in a red bra and matching undies,

Shared on her social network because she was of legal age.

Her long, straight hair was a lovely genetic gift represent

Of a hue anywhere from 12k to 18k gold

depending on the season

…never from a bottle or a salon trip

(except maybe for those times she wanted pink streaks

…or was it the fuschia tips?)

Her eyes were a Delft blue, sometimes hinting at grey

set in a fair complexion face.

When she lived south of the American corn belt

she said she was teased for her accent

Her accent was fresh off of the Mayflower, long ago,

and only comes strongly out around her parents, though,

in their big house

They call her princess, not sure what they call her brother.

But true born royals serve their people

personal privacy is necessary and fought for

Pretty dresses and social occasions, power, wealth and influence alone

do not a royal make.

She said she used to be chubby

always had a problem with too much gain

But on seeing an old photo, we all agreed it was minor,

though kudos to her for becoming more slender.

…but slender doesn’t always equal healthier…in attitude…

Unfortunate but true, it has been noticed (not just by me)

That even with all these potential positives and genetic gifts

Upper middle class family

Doting mum, adoring daddy

The only way she gives anyone attention is when someone compliments her

Or buys her pretty gifts.

She admits she is spoiled.

Though I wonder if has any link to a father who travels plenty for business…

Both parents have since return to the land of high tea and monarchy

But to be fair, she was at that point in her twenties.

I wonder if there’s been other changes since she’s now just past thirty.