Define “Friendship”


It’s not necessarily the common things you share.

It can be, but there is more depth and better quality.

Friends are people without limit to gender, culture, beliefs or generations.

They don’t even have to be family either

Friends are people who

stand by you,

stick up for you,

got your back

listen and try to understand you

with no strings attached.

And this is all reciprocated, consistently

And if they’re friends,

then they will also call you out,

as needed, on something not quite right.

And you would do the same for them.

If you’re friends, you feel may feel hesitant to do so,

but you do since you love them

…and they understand why you did, because they love you too.

I’m writing this RE-definition

because somewhere I lost track.

My soul and heart know what friendship is all about.

But looking back,

people I used to call “friends”

quite simply were not so.

If you’ve read some of my writings, you will see why.

Plus, Pluto (planet of detoxing and healing) is retrograde (inner focus work) in Capricorn (old traditions) until September of this year.