Spanish, (noun); a metaphysical concept of where one feels safe, where one feels at home; where one’s strength of character is drawn. 

…somewhere between the parking lot, buildings and trails, where greenery flourishes and winds do sail…An occasional early summer leaf gone astray.

It’s another fine, sunny May day.

Winding in the semi-wild, those human etched footpaths of wood or cement, watch out for the skeeters and ticks – that’s just part of how nature goes and it’s best to know how to handle it.

As much as I love the blossoms and watching stained glass wings or busy lady bees, listening to the avian or squirrel-ish cacophony, I do like functional indoor plumbing and temp controlled water.

I do like sleeping in 70℉…ish weather…indoors.

The city has too much concrete for me, although that is just fine for others.

A bit of human civilization plus a generous dose of mother nature is pleasantly shuffled well together – keeping in mind one must work with the other.

Into the garden, into the park; perhaps a forest trail to stride…Smear on some sunscreen or put on a shading hat and take a mosey between or atop, leafy greenery.

In this yin/yang, wild/civilized, bio-diverse symetry and symbiotic synastry…is where home, for some, can be found.