…One who carelessly spends beyond their financial means; shopaholic to the extreme.

For instance, the car fan who needs something brand new

That car itch every two or three years, or just some flimsy excuse…

Oh, it needs a repair? Time for a new car

Car got into an accident (but it’s fixable), time for a new car

Sometimes, it’s just give the ‘old’ one to a family member, buy himself a new car

Sounds cool, sounds neat

But in reality, it’s monetary defeat

SIXTEEN shiny vehicles since the 1970’s to present

Buick’s, Pontiac’s, Acura, Infinity, Lexus

Yet this new car fan is complaining  when property tax time comes around.

This is a middle class income person by the way…


Instance number two

Buy on sale, buy on clearance

…Buy it because it’s on sale or clearance

That’s sound logic, right?

There is a problem when toilet paper, batches of a dozen each,

are stacked nearly five foot tall in the basement

Three stacks near the stairs, three around the corner

It’s a surplus kind of place, though for a small family of five.

An overflow of oranges contained in full sized paper grocery bags

Too many kiwi, too many limes

Too many boxed and canned goods that don’t get eaten in time

They were tucked away in cellar storage

And forgotten about (it’s the layer of dust)

…partly because the household cook and grocery shopper

are not one and the same

Continuously buying meat to the point that barely fit

the full size meat freezer in another part of the house

The kids have offered to do the shopping

because they’ve seen what needs to be brought in

…but the grocery shopper says NO.

Grocery shopper says often “it was on sale; I saved money.”

reality check isn’t happening

even though there’s been arguing and complaining,

dot to dots just not connecting,

…but the plastic has smoke from being used that much.