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Another piece of fan-ish fiction. I don’t know what it is about these two characters that makes me want to write about them, but it has been happening. I am following the canon continum to the best of my knowledge.

#1. I didn’t know about CA architecture so there was research on it.

#2. I went with my imagination on her dwelling, but the materials used were looked up.

#3. As for anything to do specifically with characters, there was a lot of research and some psychology used.

Life goes on day to day, whether one is at work or not. So between missions (“work”) where a spy and a government agent may or may not cross paths, days flow into weeks, then into months and seasons.

A possibility of what happened months after the Spain/autumn 2004 mission. (The first fan-ish fiction I wrote is “Interim”, which took place before RE#4).

Ada Wong’s eyes are dark or an amber brown, depending on the lighting. 

  • The greenish eyes she had in RE#4 and Damnation are colored contacts (other fans’ theory).
  • My hypothesis, from a vivid imagination and certain cinema influences, say the colored contacts may serve another purpose,
    • like her sunglasses did in RE4 (spy technology makes sense to be many years ahead of civilian use technology).
    • Did you by chance catch the hard blink when Ada was facing Svetlana (Damnation) while they had tea?

What I picked up about Ada after reading about her blood type is that she is

  1. a bookworm,
  2. sensitive/empathic,
  3. into arts,
  4. into metaphysical subjects
  5. and private; solitude is necessary. She does have a humanitarian streak.

Blood type personality links:

(Ada is AB type; Leon is type A)




Resident Evil/Biohazard characters belong to Capcom.


November 2004

San Francisco

high in the mid 60’s℉; low in the mid 50’s℉.

It was California where the Chinese first immigrated to take part in the gold rush, then to help with building the railroad. The San Francisco Bay area was a higher income population.

She didn’t choose the ocean facing house because it was expensive or prestigious. She chose it because being near the sound of water soothed and refreshed her. The rest was unexpected benefits. The view of the setting sun was always breathtaking, especially from the raised stretch of land she and her neighbors were on. The private beach a short walk away and down some steps was a bonus.

The roughly 3,500 square feet house was not as large nor sprawling as her nearest neighbors’, but the woman known as Ada didn’t mind. Even though she half jokingly referred to herself as high maintenance, she had a practical streak. She focused on better quality; more substance, but with a generous dash of personal style.

Here, she didn’t have to take on the disguise of the perfect spy, whose only purpose was to complete a mission efficiently and successfully.

The heavy front wooden door opened to a foyer with parquetry flooring using maple, cypress and redwood in a cobblestone pattern. A small chandelier reminiscent of a ring of baguette cut diamonds hovered from the ceiling while contemporary wall sconces were set high against the walls of the area. Past the double columns flanking either side of the foyer boundaries were light colored wooden floors.

Typical of California architecture were the bay windows. On the first floor was the office/library area with its east facing picture window bays that gave the room plenty of light and space. The half moon window over middle part was devoid of window treatments but the bay windows had rolled blinds. A plush chaise lounge was set near the windows, off to the side; a pillow and a throw were on it. There was a floor lamp that angled it’s long neck gracefully over the chaise. Her book shelves weren’t completely filled, but what topics were there were books on psychology, human physiology and the human spirit along with other bits of scientific information or various pieces of esoteric knowledge or occult wisdom.

In the office part of the room was an adjustable standing desk with enough room for the laptop and a baseball sized smoky quartz cluster. Next to it was a small printer on a shorter, sturdy rolling cart. Her equipment was tucked away in what looked like freestanding wardrobe cabinets.

The living room area towards the back of the house was essentially the ocean viewing spot with its picture windows. Partially drawn down rolled blinds covered a portion of the view. A roomy sectional sofa shared space with side tables, a loveseat and a couple of end tables.

The tread parts of the stairs leading up from the first floor to the second were of reclaimed redwood while the rest of the house was done in a lighter colored, warm toned maple.

In the area directly the floor above was a little alcove that she turned into a meditation room facing the new morning. Air cleaning plants lined the bay windows there. Airy, layered curtains in hues of pale honey sheers, gauzy aqua and translucent clover green hung over the windows with wall mounted curtain tie back wooden hooks. A large, black cushion sat on a multi-toned beige/brown flecked rug in the middle of the serene space. The black represented the Feng Shui/traditional Chinese medicine element of water and the winter season; to refresh and renew the self, one must be in solitude and go inwards to replenish. A pair of folding paper screens sectioned off the alcove. Beyond the alcove was the rest of the nook. It was a third of the space of the first floor library/office. Around the corner from the nook was a guest room.

At present, the woman known as Ada Wong soaked in the large corner tub of the master bedroom’s adjacent bathroom.

In early October, she had a short, week long visit to Hawaii. After Hawaii was another mission before she took the current rest. While she was in Hawaii, she bought a CD of ocean sounds; not on a whim but from an intuitive nudge. While she was waiting at the register, she toyed with the idea of purchasing a hula dancer bear key chain. A smile crossed her face as it reminded her of the jet ski key chain she tossed to Leon.

Twice, the coup de grace was a rocket launcher in Leon’s hands. Both times it was Ada who had thrown it to him. He didn’t see her wide smile at the explosion’s effect on the mutated beings.

Ada had seen and experienced the darker aspects of humans. The underbelly was equally as degrading and grotesque as the upside was beautiful and uplifting. Those in power, those who sought power, were bloated by what power they had and twisted by the greed for more.

May 1998 was the start of the end of Raccoon City by the Queen Leech/the former Dr. Marcus, who set loose the T-virus in the mansion and surrounding forest. Birkin and Wesker had a hand in his death as they wanted his data.

On September 23rd, William Birkin was approached for his G-Virus; he hadn’t been cooperative and that mess led directly to the Raccoon City incident.

In late February 2003, Wesker had handed over information about Umbrella for the trials that brought on the corporation’s downfall.

There were no good guys here. It was just a matter of bad doing more bad to each other, and to innocent bystanders.


Ada had left her green tinted contacts floating in a translucent tray. If one looked closely, they could see the micro technology in them. They came in handy in the perpetually foggy Spanish countryside, helping her to see heat signatures of biological beings and video record , or take photos of, wherever she turned her gaze. She had already downloaded the information onto a memory stick, wiping the contacts clean of data.

The cut to her right thigh had healed cleanly. Ada had woken and reacted just in time to avoid the sacrificial ax. Given time and some necessary care, the scar would be faint. 

She closed her eyes, soaking in the watery warmth. The lights had been left off. Only daylight streamed in. The mix of Epsom salts and Dead Sea bath salts would help her relax, along with the aromatherapy diffuser dispersing precious jasmine absolute into the air. A trio of narrow yet tall frosted glass windows were evenly spaced between the tub and the shower stall. They had been opened to let in the sound of the ocean.

Her thoughts wandered. She daydreamed a little over Leon. # The heart and emotions had their own intelligence, she knew. A soft smile brushed her relaxed features. Another kiss with Leon? No. A gentle touch from him – almost. Except for the fact the parasite was in the way. The potentially tender moment was rudely interrupted by a pair of strong hands puppeteered to wrap around her neck. 

The woman known as international spy Ada Wong had made a discreet inquiry from low tech but high end places about a certain government agent’s address. This too was done at her inner intuitive nudge; she had learned to trust it long ago. Espionage training didn’t take that part of her away. It was that same nudge that warned her of incoming infected in the underground parking lot back in Raccoon City.*

Washington DC

high in the upper 60’s℉; low in the lower 40’s;℉.

Leon didn’t keep track of the cards and care packages sent his way from well meaning family members, friends and others whom he attended police academy with. His family and friends were a reminder, in part, of why he’d originally chose to be a police officer; to serve and to protect.

About a month ago, someone had seen him on a newsclip while he and the other bodyguards were protecting the president and his family at a public venue. One thing led to another and he had a plethora of questions to answer, by phone and email. He didn’t tell them specifics of how he came to work for the government, though.

In about two weeks it would be Thanksgiving. Leon didn’t take time off to visit with family, plus it would be disruptive to vacation time if he was suddenly called into a mission. When he wasn’t on a mission, his duty was to be a presidential bodyguard.

He lay sprawled on his stomach on his couch. It was a Saturday late afternoon, and he had only meant to rest, but slipped into a nap. It took six days for him to complete his mission – to find Ashley and get her home safe.

The stab wound to his left thigh in Ada’s self defense had healed, although the doctor had prescribed him a round of antibiotics as well as physical therapy, just in case, as it was deep. There were other wounds and pains that had been tended to.

Leon was dreaming. There was no threat of danger anywhere to be seen on their little stroll in the park. Ada gently tugged him close by their interlocked hands. He leaned forward as she tilted her face up to him, her eyes drifting closed.

A smile curved across Leon’s relaxed features.

If only…

# Rough translation of the Biohazard/Resident Evil Incubate booklet from Japanese; if you go towards the bottom of the link, about 8 paragraphs from the bottom, look for the paragraph starting with “The distance between Leon and Ada”.

*Darkside Chronicles, the part just before they get to the doorway. Ada wasn’t looking in the direction of the zombies. She paused, looking ahead/down, so it wasn’t exactly peripheral either.


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