The “B” Word


This is a bit of philosophical inner wandering, questioning how gradual generations of social acceptance of something originally perceived as a negative (insult) became a positive. 

It rhymes with ‘stitch’.

I know there are females who are proud of being one, as it means to them a woman who is assertive, aggressive and won’t take crap from others – especially the opposite gender.

(Ah patriarchy. By the way, here is a sampling of patriarchy from another time and place).

No offense was meant to the guys out there who are not woman hating and woman abusing. I’ve heard guys get their share of crap too. For instance

Back to the “B” word.

I’ve seen book titles with it. Some are about relationships, some are about dieting.

Of course, the B word is also used as an insult. No ‘nice’ girl would be a bitch. But then, ‘nice’ girl training has its negatives too.

Being a bitch or being a nice girl isn’t even a yin/yang thing. It’s the coin from the caped crusader’s half disfigured enemy; trapped either way.

At its essence, the word ‘bitch’ meant a female dog.

Dogs have those whom they obey; masters, usually. Master(s) = controlling male.

Maybe a woman wants to think twice about being proud of being someone’s obedient pet?

That’s a mean mind trick, patriarchy.