Kids’ Costume


“I want to wear the dress.”

It was a princess type costume (way before Disney had their own stores everywhere). They were in kindergarten.

The speaker was a little girl who always looked fashionably well put together. She was the tallest one of the kindergarten class.

The other person who had the costume got to it first when they chose from the opened trunk. She liked the dress and got it as often as she could when it came to playing with costumes.

School had sent her home with a note for her caretakers to dress her more “appropriately” for school.

(her favorite pants were the elastic waist ones her grandma had hand drafted with some measurements and sewn up. There were big, bold numerical prints on a white background).

The little girl was first generation American; her grandparents and parents were from the rural farm areas of another country. It was the late 20th century, and Mao was on the tail end of his cultural revolution. Both her parents and grandparents found work (and eventually had their own businesses) when their feet touched American soil.

“She always gets the dress.” The first girl complained.

Teacher made the girl with the dress costume share and soothed her by counter offering a different costume instead. It was most reluctantly accepted.

Things would have turned out differently if this book was around.

Personally, I would have questioned the complainer’s reasons for wanting said costume.


Yin Building


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Rest; refresh and recuperate, so one can take actions or do…later.

Reading, writing, meditating; artistic fun and crafts playing.

Sing songs, hum along. Feed your creative side. Things that activate the mind.

The quiet places away from the noisy and busy.

A stroll, a mosey someplace.

Nature, in a park or garden bits or in panoramic whole. Always.

Ladies. Busy moms, busy wives. Singletons and teens, always on the go.

For you, dears, pay special attention from the first day of bleeding until ovulation.

Have yourself food doses of chlorophyll and vitamin E.

Detoxification is consistently necessary.

In the frenetic mess called rush hour traffic.

Irony that times of stillness and calm needed (yin/winter/water element) for self rebuilding is from 3pm til 5pm (bladder meridian) then 5pm to 7pm (kidney/adrenal meridian).

Smack dab in the middle of going home after the 9-5 job.

A yin meal to share…and a selection of fresh brewed, warm and leafy libations.

Starting with desserts, as that’s metabolically kinder (for those with digestive issues mostly).

Refer to food combining methods.

Blueberry tartlets (paleo friendly) anyone?

Or coconut flour based banana bread baked with some Chinese five spice with option a honey kissed whipped butter?

Medjool dates stuffed with strained yogurt or live culture cream cheese?

A selection of cheeses served with blackberry conserves or fig jam, dark grapes and thin slices of pear and apples.

Be sure to get in the gouda (double cream is good) or brie (triple cream is spreadably smooth) for the vitamin K2 content, those little calcium carriers that take calcium out of soft tissue to where the calcium is needed and meant to be (teeth and bones).

Don’t want cheese? Try the plain walnuts lightly roasted with ghee.

For those who are a little more daring, how about some natto with a generous dollop of guacamole?

Vegetarian chili, leaning towards mild, made up of mixed beans (red, black, white, beige) and non starchy veggies.

In a crockpot, a congee of black rice, wakame, bonito and shredded kelp quietly bubble.

Single serve ramekins of steamed eggs fresh from the wok. Their silky texture finished with a generous pat of butter and a sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt.

Option two are eggs, poached, served on cloud bread with pesto and drizzled avocado oil.

Pale flesh fish fillets in individual au gratin dishes, steamed with minced fresh ginger and sprinkles of purple dulse, plus a few pinches of Hawaiian black salt for color and flavor.

Salt cured salmon roe (ikura) with a generous pinch of lemon zest, tossed with finely chopped kale sauteed with coconut oil.

Oysters simply steamed, shelled, and served on a bed of Japanese seaweed salad and shredded nori.

* * * *

If you so choose, by all means, gather together your own yin building menu and to-do’s. It’s all over the internet and definitely on paper pages for a good look.


Bare Feet


To deal with the heat

On a sunny, hot, humid summer day

Splash and play by a pool

May as well put on some sunblock too

If fair skin tends to turn a cooked crustacean shade

But as I stare out the windows in the

Pleasantly chilled, environmentally controlled atmosphere

I see throughout my work shifts

Many, whose feet are bare as they sit studying or reading

While their shoes are nearby, idly laying.

I wonder if they care or consider

That some time after they leave

Someone else will be using that seat

The self same one used as a personal footstool.

I wonder too

If they realize, just how many

Shoesteps, boot tromps have graced the industrial carpets

All the mud, the dirt, the grime and gloop

and who (doesn’t really want to) know what

– especially walking the furry babies.

Or even walking into someone elses furry babies toilet…after.

Maybe I’m just germ-o-phobic

Although it wasn’t I who got a wart

by walking bare feet

on garage floor and concrete.

Just keep your footwear on

And I will pass on wanting to know

about the surface swab test

and blue light view in the dark.

There are little things I would personally keep outdoors

Instead of tracking them floor to floor.

Sleek clip on earrings


When you look for “clip on earrings” on google, the images you can reach are something huge and sparkly rhinestone clip on earrings, aren’t they? Well, they might be nice on elegant occasions, but not for daily wear. It is hard to find simple and minimal clip on earrings, isn’t it? There are […]

via Modern and minimal style invisible clip on earrings — MiyabiGrace: Japanese Cotton Pearl Jewelries and invisible clip on earrings



The gulls are calling after the rain

The sky is still overcast

but cloud banks are moving again.

Breezes are welcomed

for their cooling feel

on a humid,

82℉ July day.

Its funny how the lake

is just over an hour’s drive away.

…but in a suburbia parking lot

at half past 5,

the gulls remind me

of being near water side




Micro Batch LIVE Culture Lemons (or limes)


update July 22nd: another batch of live culture lemons was made on the 8th (lemons sliced accordion style – as if making Hasselback potatoes and no salt in the lemons); less than three weeks and the lemons are falling apart, ready for use.

Delicious citrus flavor and probiotic health. I had a wedge with my lunch yesterday; body was happy and unhappy stomach settled down.

tweaked version of original recipe from various videos and’s recipe.

I used apple cider vinegar in part as a starter and in part for it’s benefits. The organic lemons I used came bulk bagged. I also tried a batch with limes and fresh slivers of ginger; it took longer to culture.

Ingredients and necessities

  • 2 TBS organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother)
  • Brine (recipe follows after procedures with lemons)
  • 4 organic lemons; rinsed, patted dry and stem end trimmed off
  • Mineral rich salt (for example: Celtic, Himalayan Pink, Redmond’s); use 1/2-tsp to 1-tsp per lemon.
  • Spices or dried herbs of your preference
  • Clean glass jar large enough to fit all the lemons with about 1″ to 1-1/2″ space from top of brine to lid when closed.

With each lemon…

1. Quarter the fruit from one pointed end to almost the other pointed end (don’t slice it completely through).

You can de-seed them at this point or leave the seeds in – the lemon falls apart as it goes through the culturing process.

2. Stuff the opening of each lemon with a half to one and a half teaspoon of salt.

3. Add a generous pinch of dried herbs or spices to your preference (extra seasonings can be added to the jar before putting in the ACV and brine).

4. Close up stuffed lemon and place into jar. Push firmly down. Do this with each lemon.

5. Pour in the apple cider vinegar.

6. Pour in the brine until it just covers the topmost lemon. Cover and place in a dim place to culture.

Press lemons down every day for about a week.

Allow to live culture in a dim but warm place at about 75℉ (I had mine in the basement so it took longer) for roughly 6 to 8 weeks.

The lemons are ready to be used as fresh condiments when they look like they are collapsing inward/falling apart in the jar.

The lemon brine/juice can also be used as well.

Live cultured lemons are slightly milder in sour flavor than fresh; the rinds themselves have a texture faintly reminiscent of candied lemons.



4 Cups clean water

3 TBS mineral rich salt.

Mix together and store in a glass jar.

>>>recipe adapted from Fermented Foods for Health by Deidre Rawlings.

Independent Spirit


Happy Independence Day!

It’s a Cancerian birthday for the U.S.A., in the sign of nurturing and the mother.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday.


When you pretend to be someone else, you’re not being the best of yourself.

I’m not talking about those in the entertainment field.

This info comes from someone who has Chiron Aries, a wound to heal in a person’s individuality (in the astrological house of legacies no less).

You have inspirations and aspirations, but take you off your personal track and the you that IS you is not brighter but dimmer.

Who told you you had to be like (or better than) ‘that person’ to be on everyone’s pedestal, or name dropped from drooling, news-laden lips to receive parental approval?

Take into account, twins and triplets; even they don’t have the same starry picture the moment they slipped free from the womb.

In human design, I’ve seen many a time, where the not (being) yourself is something often committed by the 60% of the entire human population who don’t need to compete/prove yourself/over compensate.

By the way, that 60% number would be from the section called “the ego center”. Ironic.

But they do (I did, still sometimes do too) and only had dissatisfaction for each action and reaction.

It’s no fun NOT being true to the originally agreed-to-with-the-universe you.

My slow wakeup came in the form of esoteric information; self delineations first with numerology, then astrology, Birth Angels (a book by Terah Cox) and recently human design. Not ironic (or maybe it is?) as my saturn is in the house of philosophy and centaurean curiosity.

It was quite a process, starting since high school, no less. But life is less wobbly now…and along the way, I clean up my own psychological mess.