Independent Spirit


Happy Independence Day!

It’s a Cancerian birthday for the U.S.A., in the sign of nurturing and the mother.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday.


When you pretend to be someone else, you’re not being the best of yourself.

I’m not talking about those in the entertainment field.

This info comes from someone who has Chiron Aries, a wound to heal in a person’s individuality (in the astrological house of legacies no less).

You have inspirations and aspirations, but take you off your personal track and the you that IS you is not brighter but dimmer.

Who told you you had to be like (or better than) ‘that person’ to be on everyone’s pedestal, or name dropped from drooling, news-laden lips to receive parental approval?

Take into account, twins and triplets; even they don’t have the same starry picture the moment they slipped free from the womb.

In human design, I’ve seen many a time, where the not (being) yourself is something often committed by the 60% of the entire human population who don’t need to compete/prove yourself/over compensate.

By the way, that 60% number would be from the section called “the ego center”. Ironic.

But they do (I did, still sometimes do too) and only had dissatisfaction for each action and reaction.

It’s no fun NOT being true to the originally agreed-to-with-the-universe you.

My slow wakeup came in the form of esoteric information; self delineations first with numerology, then astrology, Birth Angels (a book by Terah Cox) and recently human design. Not ironic (or maybe it is?) as my saturn is in the house of philosophy and centaurean curiosity.

It was quite a process, starting since high school, no less. But life is less wobbly now…and along the way, I clean up my own psychological mess.