Bare Feet


To deal with the heat

On a sunny, hot, humid summer day

Splash and play by a pool

May as well put on some sunblock too

If fair skin tends to turn a cooked crustacean shade

But as I stare out the windows in the

Pleasantly chilled, environmentally controlled atmosphere

I see throughout my work shifts

Many, whose feet are bare as they sit studying or reading

While their shoes are nearby, idly laying.

I wonder if they care or consider

That some time after they leave

Someone else will be using that seat

The self same one used as a personal footstool.

I wonder too

If they realize, just how many

Shoesteps, boot tromps have graced the industrial carpets

All the mud, the dirt, the grime and gloop

and who (doesn’t really want to) know what

– especially walking the furry babies.

Or even walking into someone elses furry babies toilet…after.

Maybe I’m just germ-o-phobic

Although it wasn’t I who got a wart

by walking bare feet

on garage floor and concrete.

Just keep your footwear on

And I will pass on wanting to know

about the surface swab test

and blue light view in the dark.

There are little things I would personally keep outdoors

Instead of tracking them floor to floor.