Changes in the Air


On Monday, August 7th, there will be a lunar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius. Everyone will be affected in some way, not just Aquarians.

As for myself, it will be in my life area of health and daily affairs. I’ve already felt it coming a couple of weeks beforehand. Breakfast food preferences have changed, for instance, and meals are smaller overall.

Also, according to the lunar calendar for this year, Monday starts the metal element part of the year. The bodily focus is on lungs and large intestines/colon. If there’s anything unhealthy you are holding onto, consider releasing it in an appropriate manner.

Metal is the rough equivalent of the air element.

The sense of smell is highlighted in autumn. In Japan, osmanthus is associated with autumn.

The color(s) are: white (yang metal) and silver (yin metal).

Flavors of the season: aromatics, such as rosemary – or pungents, such as anything in the onion family.

A menu to mull over while the sun slowly sets…

Hot oolong tea in a glass teapot, chai brewing in an earthenware pot or coconut milk based golden milk? Ginger-turmeric kombucha?

Baked apple halves with a dusting of Saigon cinnamon, chopped nuts and a pat of ghee? Paleo friendly pumpkin pie? Coconut macaroons made with maple syrup and fresh ginger?

Brown basmati rice with a hearty helping of vegetable curry on the side? Spaghetti squash served by the wedge drizzled with olive oil, generous pinch of Italian herbs and fresh ground Parmesan? Chopped, sauteed mixed greens with garlic and butter?

Crustless quiche with fresh herbs? Salmon with a little thyme and dulse? Black cod/sablefish, simply pan roasted, with a sauce of miso, lemon and wasabi waiting to be added to a plate.

* * *