Food is good



Trial run of nukomatic matcha mini loaf bread/cake. Coconut flour, coconut milk, organic daily matcha and a few other everyday kitchen baking ingredients.

I am in process of eating cleaner and healthier for the sake of my digestion and my teeth, specifically.

I’m using the info from Dr. Weston Price’s book, and some info from this book too as well as info from Dr. Kate about vitamin K2.

No grains, no legumes, no seeds, no nuts and no too-sweet foods nor sweeteners like honey.

So far, not too bad. Actually, it has resulted in me experimenting with making tasty, healthy, single serving edibles.

In Human Design, slightly before midnight local time, the sun will be in Gate 50 (for the next five or six days). Gate 50 has a Cancerian/Virgo vibe where they take care of others but short themselves on self care.

Correction: the energies for Gate 50 will continue for a couple more days as it has been prevalent since Oct. 19th in the morning hours.

Also, the sun will astrologically be entering the sign of scorpio, which I tend to associate more with intensity, transformation, detoxification and healing.