Turmeric Testimony


Turmeric. (O.o) How do you pronounce that word?

I feel the irony with the timing and topic of this post. Astrologically, the sun is moving through scorpio. Scorpio rules the reproductive organs. As for human design, the sun aspect it was going through, when it was happening, roughly translates to: nurturing (Gate 28).

PMS. The majority of women experience it in one form or another. Aches, pain, emotional upheavals and other symptoms.

Up until last week, I personally have not had cramps to the extent where the pain kept me awake.

(If the male readers want to understand what this pain is like, imagine something trying to get out of your pelvic area, facing forward not downward, by forcefully pushing dull knuckles at sensitive internal spots. But there are other types of cramps too.)

It was happening in the morning hours, after midnight but before dawn. I have had school mates and coworkers as well as family tell me stories about needing to take a sick day(s) or prescription meds.

Usually, fresh, hot, (dried) ginger tisane eased things along and I could go about my business. Sometimes a little self care with jasmine green tea (at times with dried ginger) smoothed away the cramps.

Not this time.

Pain doesn’t allow for mobility. It was too early (and I was too tired) to be coherent.

If you have a look at the link, turmeric is one of those spices that help ease cramps. It did work for me; I added it to my food. It turned my hearty, comforting potato soup into pseudo curried potatoes (I also added some coconut oil).

One thing led to another and I was researching Ayurvedic Golden Milk, but made with no sweetener and coconut milk instead of dairy. Turmeric and ginger were key components. Some recipes added cinnamon, black pepper and a few other spices for their healing benefits.

Instead of sipping it, I whipped up a trial mini (3×5) quickbread loaf with coconut flour. I still haven’t got the proportions quite right, but the cramps were mostly gone, and intermittent at best until the flow days were over. I had a loaf each day.

Another (re)discovery.

Another practical application; food as meds.



#1. The mini loaf pan (Michael’s craft stores) color is supposed to be teal/soft mallard green, not turquoise. Phone camera lens quirks.

#2. The glass jar was repurposed. It used to contain fruit spread(?). I like the square shape because it’s easier to grip.

#3. Turmeric on the left, ginger on the right.