Apples of my eyes


Quadruple haiku; of course on food

Using fingers to count

– Because rhyming words

And syllables don’t always match

Like a conscientious rider on an equine mount.

Food colors for chakra work

And Traditional Chinese meds food therapy too

Apples are for lung health

How ‘convenient’ that they come about

Just in time for autumn season and health reasons

The sniffly, sneeze-y, I can’t quite breathe right body signal tease

– Turn that internal warning light to all systems go

Saying ‘take care of me’.

– so you can play in the leaves and fall time cold

Don’t take my word for it.

Do your own research, as you like.


Sansa apples gone

Until autumn comes again

Try Gala for now?


Golden Delicious

Eat plain or try with cheddars

Umami, mild sweet


Green Dragon, wood bowl

Scenting the kitchen richly

Heirloom fruit delight


Apples of my eyes.

I’m waiting to pick, tree fresh

Hopefully this year.