“Drowned” with tea


“Affogato”, Italian for “drowned”.

It’s a coffee-based dessert; a shot of fresh, hot espresso is poured over a scoop of (usually) vanilla gelato.

Perhaps you may have tried it?

A while ago, I was in a matcha phase (when it was colder out) and wanted to try drowning some gelato with matcha.  That was way before I ran into this article.

Last week, I got to try a sampling of classic affogato. A spoonful of deliciousness. The bitter espresso was smoothed out by creamy, melting, sweet gelato.

This week, I did the tea version. The coffee fan I was with tried it and liked it.

The place my friend and I went to didn’t have the tea version so I ordered a vanilla flavored black tea and a gelato, to be mixed at the table.

All in all, a delicious experiment.





First sip of sake


I had tried my first sparkling sake on my birthday, years ago.

The only other time I tried sake was a sip from a gal pal’s that I had met up with for a meal at a Japanese restaurant years before that. I admit, the warmed sake had a strong liquorice taste not to my liking, plus the alcohol content seemed rather high (I’m sensitive to it).

So if any of you want to try something new, try some sparkling sake – if you haven’t already. It has the effervescence of champagne or sparkling wine.

The one I tried came in a frosted pink bottle, and an award label. It has a refreshing, fruity-flavor, but not necessarily of berries. 

I actually enjoyed and finished the little glass sake cup serving I had.

sparkling sake

This was about $8.00 from my local Asian market, when I got it.


As for the small bottle, my slight regret was not keeping it for use as a vase or turning it into an oil lamp. But, recycling wasn’t a bad choice either.