Food is good



Trial run of nukomatic matcha mini loaf bread/cake. Coconut flour, coconut milk, organic daily matcha and a few other everyday kitchen baking ingredients.

I am in process of eating cleaner and healthier for the sake of my digestion and my teeth, specifically.

I’m using the info from Dr. Weston Price’s book, and some info from this book too as well as info from Dr. Kate about vitamin K2.

No grains, no legumes, no seeds, no nuts and no too-sweet foods nor sweeteners like honey.

So far, not too bad. Actually, it has resulted in me experimenting with making tasty, healthy, single serving edibles.

In Human Design, slightly before midnight local time, the sun will be in Gate 50 (for the next five or six days). Gate 50 has a Cancerian/Virgo vibe where they take care of others but short themselves on self care.

Correction: the energies for Gate 50 will continue for a couple more days as it has been prevalent since Oct. 19th in the morning hours.

Also, the sun will astrologically be entering the sign of scorpio, which I tend to associate more with intensity, transformation, detoxification and healing.



Changes in the Air


On Monday, August 7th, there will be a lunar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius. Everyone will be affected in some way, not just Aquarians.

As for myself, it will be in my life area of health and daily affairs. I’ve already felt it coming a couple of weeks beforehand. Breakfast food preferences have changed, for instance, and meals are smaller overall.

Also, according to the lunar calendar for this year, Monday starts the metal element part of the year. The bodily focus is on lungs and large intestines/colon. If there’s anything unhealthy you are holding onto, consider releasing it in an appropriate manner.

Metal is the rough equivalent of the air element.

The sense of smell is highlighted in autumn. In Japan, osmanthus is associated with autumn.

The color(s) are: white (yang metal) and silver (yin metal).

Flavors of the season: aromatics, such as rosemary – or pungents, such as anything in the onion family.

A menu to mull over while the sun slowly sets…

Hot oolong tea in a glass teapot, chai brewing in an earthenware pot or coconut milk based golden milk? Ginger-turmeric kombucha?

Baked apple halves with a dusting of Saigon cinnamon, chopped nuts and a pat of ghee? Paleo friendly pumpkin pie? Coconut macaroons made with maple syrup and fresh ginger?

Brown basmati rice with a hearty helping of vegetable curry on the side? Spaghetti squash served by the wedge drizzled with olive oil, generous pinch of Italian herbs and fresh ground Parmesan? Chopped, sauteed mixed greens with garlic and butter?

Crustless quiche with fresh herbs? Salmon with a little thyme and dulse? Black cod/sablefish, simply pan roasted, with a sauce of miso, lemon and wasabi waiting to be added to a plate.

* * *


Yin Building


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Rest; refresh and recuperate, so one can take actions or do…later.

Reading, writing, meditating; artistic fun and crafts playing.

Sing songs, hum along. Feed your creative side. Things that activate the mind.

The quiet places away from the noisy and busy.

A stroll, a mosey someplace.

Nature, in a park or garden bits or in panoramic whole. Always.

Ladies. Busy moms, busy wives. Singletons and teens, always on the go.

For you, dears, pay special attention from the first day of bleeding until ovulation.

Have yourself food doses of chlorophyll and vitamin E.

Detoxification is consistently necessary.

In the frenetic mess called rush hour traffic.

Irony that times of stillness and calm needed (yin/winter/water element) for self rebuilding is from 3pm til 5pm (bladder meridian) then 5pm to 7pm (kidney/adrenal meridian).

Smack dab in the middle of going home after the 9-5 job.

A yin meal to share…and a selection of fresh brewed, warm and leafy libations.

Starting with desserts, as that’s metabolically kinder (for those with digestive issues mostly).

Refer to food combining methods.

Blueberry tartlets (paleo friendly) anyone?

Or coconut flour based banana bread baked with some Chinese five spice with option a honey kissed whipped butter?

Medjool dates stuffed with strained yogurt or live culture cream cheese?

A selection of cheeses served with blackberry conserves or fig jam, dark grapes and thin slices of pear and apples.

Be sure to get in the gouda (double cream is good) or brie (triple cream is spreadably smooth) for the vitamin K2 content, those little calcium carriers that take calcium out of soft tissue to where the calcium is needed and meant to be (teeth and bones).

Don’t want cheese? Try the plain walnuts lightly roasted with ghee.

For those who are a little more daring, how about some natto with a generous dollop of guacamole?

Vegetarian chili, leaning towards mild, made up of mixed beans (red, black, white, beige) and non starchy veggies.

In a crockpot, a congee of black rice, wakame, bonito and shredded kelp quietly bubble.

Single serve ramekins of steamed eggs fresh from the wok. Their silky texture finished with a generous pat of butter and a sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt.

Option two are eggs, poached, served on cloud bread with pesto and drizzled avocado oil.

Pale flesh fish fillets in individual au gratin dishes, steamed with minced fresh ginger and sprinkles of purple dulse, plus a few pinches of Hawaiian black salt for color and flavor.

Salt cured salmon roe (ikura) with a generous pinch of lemon zest, tossed with finely chopped kale sauteed with coconut oil.

Oysters simply steamed, shelled, and served on a bed of Japanese seaweed salad and shredded nori.

* * * *

If you so choose, by all means, gather together your own yin building menu and to-do’s. It’s all over the internet and definitely on paper pages for a good look.


Reality check, please?


The disturbing part of some fan fictions I scanned (couldn’t read it, got a sense of indigestion) was that the female character written in it wanted to play nurse/companion or be that only one who truly understood what was going on with the male protagonist.

There was also a fan social site that posed a question of how you would wake up a PTSD nightmare sufferer (who has had training and gone through many missions). Again, didn’t look at the answers because to me the question came across as the start of fan fantasy.

Granted, they are speaking/writing about fictional characters.


How does this translate into these fans’ reality?

How does this reflect on their mentality?

In reality, You don’t touch them when they’re having a nightmare. This little info bite was what a former coworker and Vietnam vet had said to his first wife. But, he had said to the bunch of us listening to him, she didn’t listen.

I knew someone who was an army wife and her then husband was stationed in the Middle East. I remember her saying how she heard the mortars in the background while they talked and it was very scary. I believe she mentioned he gets jumpy at loud noises when he came back.

A family member knows someone who is still on active duty in the military. He’s been in the services for over four decades. To this day, he cannot watch any movies about war. He cannot watch Forrest Gump because that has triggers too.

As for people who have gone through some sort of abuse or trauma, they have PTSD too. I just don’t understand how it’s a sexy little fantasy thing to watch someone suffer – even if they are fictional.

I do not speak of BDSM in this case, as BDSM is by mutual consent of the partners involved, along with safe words.


Apples of my eyes


Quadruple haiku; of course on food

Using fingers to count

– Because rhyming words

And syllables don’t always match

Like a conscientious rider on an equine mount.

Food colors for chakra work

And Traditional Chinese meds food therapy too

Apples are for lung health

How ‘convenient’ that they come about

Just in time for autumn season and health reasons

The sniffly, sneeze-y, I can’t quite breathe right body signal tease

– Turn that internal warning light to all systems go

Saying ‘take care of me’.

– so you can play in the leaves and fall time cold

Don’t take my word for it.

Do your own research, as you like.


Sansa apples gone

Until autumn comes again

Try Gala for now?


Golden Delicious

Eat plain or try with cheddars

Umami, mild sweet


Green Dragon, wood bowl

Scenting the kitchen richly

Heirloom fruit delight


Apples of my eyes.

I’m waiting to pick, tree fresh

Hopefully this year.

September breezes


Late summer is here

…or you could say early autumn

September weather is sometimes warm

And sometimes breezes a-blowing

My Taurus Saturn is still OK, no throat problems yet.

Taurus is content with warm liquids and warming food

Pumpkin pie, warmed, with a spoonful of coconut oil for the crust to absorb

Pumpkin cheesecake? Whipped cream on the side?

Is it the sweetness, the comforting softness or is it the spices I need?

…do I, should I, just mix a batch of pumpkin pie spices and sprinkle as needed?

*shrug* all is tasty with a cup of fresh hot herbal tisane

…tea is only with Camellia leaves…

My Gemini parts need attention more

…Arms, chest, lungs

A bright blue wind resistant jacket to wear outdoors

My lungs feel slightly congested every now and then,

Or a sniffly nose needs a tissue or two

…yellow is warning of infection, and green is an S.O.S.

But balanced easily for me with the lungs

Is a little tisane, ginger or mint

Have some turmeric or ginger in foods

…catfish curry, extra turmeric?

Juice glass servings of fizzy kombucha

And a steady intake of coconut macaroons – and quite frankly, coconut anything.

…plus minimizing the refined sweet…

Health Tidbits


Food as medicine.

I’m not big on following trends (just the facts, please). Yes, I’ll look into the “hottest” new food item, but doesn’t mean I’ll incorporate it into my dietary needs.

I’ll read ingredient labels, but counting calories or grams of something takes the joy out of eating.

So far, I’ve learned about:

metabolic types (Dr. William Wolcott),

also I learned a bit about food combining (Dr. Wayne Pickering)

hormones/body types (Dr. Eric Berg)

and have also incorporated Traditional Chinese medicine food therapy into my everyday life.

The more updated health info is about feeding your micro-biome.

Crockpot yogurt was a fun jump off to start the live culture foods. This progressed into kefir making with (eventually) live grains. I have made beet kvass and also lacto ferment veggies which mostly end up with family members.


About coconut oil and losing unhealthy/gaining healthy weight.


From: Coconut Oil Miracle by Dr. Bruce Fife, 5th edition.


If you want to know more about what coconut (meat/milk/oil) can do, here is a link.  There is also a newsletter you could sign up for.


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