One more creative outlet for me


I did fairly well with the subject of English in grade school (vocab, grammar, spelling…
considering my original language since very early childhood was not American English). The word etymologies in my spelling workbooks were of interest to me.

High School was where I had my first writing class. I chose creative composition, not English comp. My creative comp teacher spoke his mind (not PC in a classroom setting – even for then). There were no no-no’s in his rulebook when you did a writing assignment for him. You just had to do it. Swearing was allowed on paper. He did read written assignments out loud as well and made the class guess whose voice it was. 

Before taking this class, I mainly read; mostly fiction, some comics (do people really “read” comics? I’m thinking it was part osmosis and hypnosis). After high school, writing slowly dwindled after a handful of years.

It’s been a while, but I still did scribble little blurbs off and on. (My English teachers would have corrected sentence structure. My creative comp teacher would have asked where the blurb was going or developing into).

So what I write, it’s a creative outlet that’s also, at times, part personal journal/journey.

Also: I write because…


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